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Together under the same roof


The unique view onto the lake, its crater landscape and the Hverfell explosion crater, all the surrounding volcanoes in the highlands, millenia-old lava formations, flora and fauna guarantee an unforgettable stay to switch off and relax. Skylights offer uninterrupted views of the countryside, midnight sun, northern lights and starry sky. Our house with soul and personality.

The house has two floors. On the ground floor we live as hosts and on the first floor is the area for our guests. Two separate entrances enable undisturbed privacy for everyone.

It is a travel experience for up to four guests who value rest and relaxation after an eventful day in the midst of unique nature.

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Arrival and location

Iceland's main airport is located in the Southwest of Iceland, in Keflavik. From there our guests can travel by rental car, public transport or a connecting flight from Reykjavik aiport to Akureyri further to Reykjahlið - Northeast Icleand.

Several flights from Europe are directly connected to the airport in Akureyri (North Iceland).

Our house is easy and comfortable to reach by car or bus and a short walk from Reykjahlið village. All sights of the region can be reached within a short time.


  • each with two single beds
  • travel cot for children (on request)
  • linens
  • coat hanger
  • blackout blinds
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our accomodations_þúfa_rooms1.jpg
our accomodation_þúfa_balcony_view_midnightsun2.jpg
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Kitchen and dining area

  • simple, functional kitchen
  • induction hob
  • refrigerator
  • microwave
  • basic equipment for cooking and enjoying simple meals
our accomodations_þúfa_kitchen and more.jpg
our accomodations_þúfa_kitchen1.jpg

Living area

  • sofa
  • books and reading materials
  • toys made of natural materials
our accomodations_þúfa_living room.jpg
our accomodations_þúfa_living room2.jpg
our accomodation_þúfa_balcony_view_midnightsun3.jpg
our accomodations_Þúfa_view_lake and Vindbelgur_spring.JPG


  • shower
  • toilet
  • sink
  • hair dryer
  • towels
  • soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • toilet paper
our accomodations_þúfa_bathroom2.jpg
our accomodations_þúfa_bathroom.jpg


Our guests enjoy a unique view all year round on the spacious balcony of our house!

The lake, the lava field, different volcanic crater shapes, the highlands, the colorful seasons, the variety of birds, northern lights, the golden hour of the midnight sun and grazing sheep in spring and autumn can be enjoyed in peace and complete privacy.

our accomodations_Þúfa_view_Hverfell_spring.jpg
our accomodations_Þúfa_view_Hverfell_spring2.jpg
our accomodations_Þúfa_view_autumn.jpg
our accomodations_Þúfa_view_Hverfell_autumn.jpg
our accomodations_Þúfa_balcony_winter.JPG
our accomodations_Þúfa_view_Hverfell_winter.JPG
our accomodation_þúfa_balcony_view_midnightsun.jpg
our accomodation_þúfa_balcony_view_midnightsun1.jpg



We would like to point out the following

Our guests share the house with us as their hosts. Our house is a wooden house. Noise is therefore audible between floors. In order to enable everyone living in the house to have a relaxed stay, we ask for mutual respect and compliance with quiet times.

Living in harmony with nature is our top priority. Our house is in the immediate vicinity of free-roaming animals - such as sheep, horses and wild birds. We ask our guests to treat the environment, the landscape, the people and creatures living there with respect and mindfulness.

We would ask that our guests stay on marked trails and dispose of waste in the designated waste disposal facilities.

Drones are not allowed on the family property.