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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Slow Travel

Slow Travel Mývatn

Slow Travel Mývatn was born out of the desire to make our vision of life into our way of life. In contact with nature and Icelandic traditions, our guests can spend time here that brings them closer to themselves and the beautiful surroundings.

Our main goals

Slow Travel Mývatn uses the uniqueness of the region, its culture, history and traditions to offer our guests an unforgettable stay in the spirit of the Slow Travel Philosophy.

Slow Travel Mývatn offers, calm, decelerated, conscious and flexible travel.

Slow Travel Mývatn stands for environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism in harmony with nature and people living in the region.

Our guests

We welcome people of all ages!

Our guests travel in decelerated, unconventional and environmentally friendly ways as well as in small groups.

Our guests want to get to know Iceland in its true authenticity and expand their knowledge of its culture and traditions.

Our guests choose our home because they want to stay longer in one place. They are looking for a conscious experience for their journey, filled with peace, balance and relaxation.