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During the stay

During the stay

Experience our uniqueness

Our Slow Travel Philosophy is to give our guests not only an impressive and unique landscape, but also unique moments and interesting facts along their journey. Switch off, sleep in, do nothing, listen to the silence and immerse yourself in Icelandic life.

We stand for quality and personal service. Therefore, we are happy to be available to guests for questions.

Culture and tradition

Experience Icelandic culture and tradition with all your senses - our guests benefit from our wealth of knowledge during their stay.

In this way we open up insights into life in Iceland, in particular into life at the lake then and now.

Our guests learn more about historic places and read touching stories from the people who lived here then and now. You will see historical pictures and objects and learn more about their use.

Our guests receive suggestions for cultural offerings in the region from us as hosts and - if desired - enjoy the opportunity of intercultural exchange with us.



Icelandic. Traditional. Original. Give yourself time to prepare and enjoy good, regional and healthy food.

The region around Mývatn offers a lot of regional food. Fish, lamb, potatoes, vegetables and a wide variety of wild plants and herbs.

Traditional Icelandic cuisine conjures up delicious dishes from the simplest of ingredients. This knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. We make traditional recipes available to our guests to imitate and try out. In addition, we want to use our food in a resource-saving manner and therefore also reuse leftovers for delicious dishes in our recipes.

On request and depending on seasonal availability, our guests can buy food from our own harvest and production. From nature straight to the table.



Switch off, be outside, get inspired and creative. We have specialized our craft in products made from natural materials. And we give old objects new tasks.

Our guests disover our distinctive works of art directly on site and take the opportunity to take unique memories home with them. We sell our crafts directly in our accommodations.


Natural and weather phenomena

The weather on Iceland has always played a central role in people´s lives. It ranges from extremely unfriendly, unpredictable to calm, friendly weather. The weather conditions determine our actions, our plans and travel arrangements.

Year-round fascinating light shows, northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer are just a few of the natural and weather phenomena that make living and traveling in Iceland so special.

We would like to offer our guests both - the opportunity to better understand these phenomena and to give helpful tips to make traveling around Iceland safer and easier.



Language connects. The Icelandic language is unique and spoken only on this island.

Although English is a good way to travel around Iceland, it is still helpful and valuable in many ways to learn a few words and phrases in Icelandic. Some may even want to build on basic knowledge and immerse themselves in the Icelandic language. We offer our guests simple, helpful travel words and Icelandic textbooks during their stay. The idea for this offer is to allow guests the opportunity to learn and try out the language.

On request, we will be happy to put you in contact with people who teach Icelandic.

Regionality and seasonality

Every season has its special charm. With our expertise, our guests refine their holiday into a seasonal and regional experience of a special kind.


Discover Iceland - Easy for Kids

In summer we offer our little guests a small adventure trip on request. In a playful way - touching, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting - children learn a lot about volcanoes, sheep, horses and other typical Icelandic things.

In the meantime, parents can enjoy a little rest on the balcony or watch their children on an adventure walk through the lava landscape right in front of our house.

“Discover Iceland - Easy for Kids”

Duration: about 2 hours

For: children from 3 to 10 years (older on request)

Languages: German, English, Icelandic

Cost: ISK 8000.- per child (50% discount for each additional child)

Nature conservation and sustainability

We set a focus onto nature protection and live sustainably. We try our best to offer our guests as well an environmentally friendly stay in harmony with Icelandic possibilities.